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À La Parisienne

Ever wondered how the Parisian women always look effortless put together? Now that you have the basics à la Française, wear it with attitude. 


Ballet Flats

Also known as Dolly shoes are known for comfort and making any style work. Jeans, dresses, shorts, skirts; the possibilities are endless. Dress them up or down, I always keep a pair in my car just in case a need to make a California switch up between my sandals and flats. 

History: The guillotine not only killed Marie Antoinette, but heels as a trend. In the 19th century practical shoes made a comeback. Reference Funny Girl with Audrey Hepburn. 



In Paris due to the every changing weather, scarfs are a must have. A heavy scarf keeps you warm in the winter, and a light colorful one protects you from catching a cold from the air conditioner. 

History: The scarf originates from the ancient Rome, the garment was called "Sudarium" meaning "sweat cloth" used to wipe sweat. Classy!


Red Lipstick

This classic cosmetic has been popular through the centuries. From Cleopatra to Marlyn Monroe. Worn during the daytime to give a pop of color to any outfit. Evening wear to grab that lipstick on the go for dress up any ensemble for afterwork happy hour drinks. 

History: Lipstick was first created using crushed red bugs and gemstones. The  Ancient Sumerian 5,000 women and men would both use it on lips and cheekbones (old fashion blush). 


Breton Stripped Shirt

Bridget Bardot, Edie Sedgwick, Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol are a synonyms of this staple piece. A unisex top that can worn with jeans or black pants and shorts. This piece can be tucked in or out of a short skirt to reveal its edgy style.

History: This striped shirt was first born in 1858 Bretagne in Northern France. It first appeared as a uniform for the French navy. The first design had 21 strips that represented each of Napoleon's victories. Coco Chanel took it to mainstream fashion by pairing it with flared pants. Today Jean Paul Gaultier has become the ambassador of the timeless shirt worn by women and men alike. 


Little Black Dress

Also known as (LBD) is a classic yet simple dress that you can wear anytime, anywhere. One dress that you can accessories a million times. Most people will think it's just another outfit. My mother during her years at La Sorbonne in Paris would tell me how she would only have a few pieces in her wardrobe and how her little black dress was her secret weapon. As my mother always says "C'est l'accessoire qui compte"! It's the accessory that matters! 

History: Throughout history and many cultures black was always seen as color of mourning. Once again, Coco Chanel came out with the essential design in 1920 that would change women's wardrobes forever. A few years later American Vogue, came out with one of Chanel's designs and called it the "Model T of fashion", after Ford's black classic car built for the masses.  


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