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“I love authentic Fashion Design; Not necessarily what you see on the runways. Designs that are inspired from the streets, and history books. Fashion, like history, repeats, with always a side of change and innovation. The ultimate goal is to see one's designs on noteworthy men and women which confirms comprehension of one's talent. ”

Raised between Santa Barbara, California and Paris, France, Chloée discovered the allure of high fashion at a very young age. Born in Málaga, Spain, to a Moroccan mother and an American father, Chloée has always naturally gravitated towards, and embraced other cultures. 

After receiving her education in Fashion Design from the world-renowned ESMOD school in Paris, Chloée started her career working as an Assistant Designer for the distinguished fashion house, Chloe. Chloée also worked as a freelance Wardrobe Stylist and Costume Designer with Cirque Du Soleil, Glamour Italia and on various independent films to name a few.
Leaving Paris to start Styled By Chloee, Chloée brings with her, her love and prowess in fashion and design. Through keen ability to distinguish between what works and what does not, Chloée enables her clients to create a new and innovative dialogue expressed solely through flattering means of expression in dress.

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