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Make it Shine Again

A How to Guide to Cleaning Your Goods



If it's a bag, belt or a pair of overused leather boots, one simple trick is all you need. Apply body lotion to a damp towel and rub the surface of each area in a circle motion. Voila! Your shoes are shiny and good as new! 

Patent Leather 

The only way to clean that whip..I mean belt. Milk or lemon will do wonders. It will keep those spiky heels glossy again. 


Amazing to touch, yet so easy to damage. Once those boots start looking isn't in a good way. Cut a piece of super fine or ultra fine sandpaper and softly rub the surface of the suede. Watch the material return to amazing. To clean use a clean pencil eraser and rub. Another option is a clean towel (dark or light depending on the fabric) and rub with white vinegar. You're set! 


Just put your old Converse in the wash. Program the machine on cold. Anything hot including the dryer will shrink them. Size 8 will shrink to 7. Let them air dry. Done. Simple as that. 


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